Wall-Where the Famous Drugstore is

As we left Rapid City this morning, we began our descent our of the Black Hills, which we will complete tomorrow when we get to Pierre, which is on the Missouri River. We were once again back in farmland with our first sighting of crops, rather than grazing cattle, since we left Idaho.

Back into farmland

Back into farmland

hay bails in South Dakota

hay bails in South Dakota

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Agricultural small town America

It was a short day, so when we arrived, we went over to the “Famous Wall Drugstore”. Approximately 500,00 people a year visit this place. There are billboards for miles around on the back roads, as well as the Interstate. I don’t get it, it reminded me of a Disney production, something recreated to resemble what we think an old time drugstore should be, except that it all one big tourist attraction. Very long day tomorrow, with headwinds in the forecast.


The "Famous" Wall Drug

The “Famous” Wall Drug

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