Sioux City, End of the Third Segment

NO photos of Cornfields today, though we rode through ENDLESS Fields on our way from Mitchell to Sioux Falls. Nice ride, 73 miles, not much climbing, and once again, the weather seemed to cooperate. There were bands of thunderstorms North of us, and South of us, but we rode in this corridor between for almost the entire ride, with a few showers as we entered Sioux Falls. You can tell when you are in an agricultural area, as the buildings in the small towns take on a functionality unique to grain or corn, and the processing and transporting of those crops. Each small town has big metal silos, and grain elevators for loading either trucks or fright trains.

Grain elevator building

Grain elevator building

SAG Stop in the heartland

SAG Stop in the heartland

In the town of Canistota, we watched a kid’s tractor pull, where the little kids get on a tractor like tricycle kinda thing, and try to drag this sled with weights on it. Serious business for the kids, as we were told that they seriously train for this, we tried to recruit them to ride cross country in a few years, but there were no takers. Interestingly, there is a sizable Mennonite population in this area, and they are in the background watching the event. Welcome to the heartland of America!

Day off tomorrow, Peg is flying in, should be here in time for supper if the airlines don’t mess things up more than they already have.


Canistota, South Dakota-Girl's Tractor Pull

Canistota, South Dakota-Girl’s Tractor Pull

Canistota, South Dakota-Boy's Tractor Pull

Canistota, South Dakota-Boy’s Tractor Pull

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