Day Off

So, I thought I would take today to look back at the first part of my trip, and write about some other things.

First, the news from Bass Foundation is great. In addition to our fundraising dollars paying for the book store trip, see photo, we are also able to open an after school reading program in one more school in the fall, Thanks to YOU. Here is the way is was put by the Bass Foundation, “The Bass Foundation Boys Reading Club took a field trip last Friday to WORDS Bookstore in Maplewood, NJ. This trip was sponsored by the fund raising dollars from Alan’s ride.The boys had a chance to pick out summer reading materials and then visited the Village Ice Parlor for ice cream cones. Afterwards, they sat under a shady tree in a nearby park and perused their new books.” Pretty cool! One of my favorite saying is a quote from Frederick Douglas-see below, very appropriate, that is what we doing! Thanks again.

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The Bass Foundation Reading Club boys in Maplewood with their new books


Now, back to the trip. We have covered about 700 miles, meandering through Oregon, climbed about 30,000 feet, and I feel GREAT. It is good to have a day off to refuel and recharge the body-hands, ankles, legs, neck, but also to feel excited about riding again, which begins to wain after riding for 8 tough days. The group is a rather diverse mix; 5 countries are represented-New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, and naturally the US, with people from 23 states. The age range is from 22 to 77, with people my age, 60 to 62 being the plurality. of the 42 riders, there are 9 women, and all except 3 are doing the entire trip. We will pick up a few more riders doing parts of the trip along the way. We’ve lost one rider, who had 2 falls those first rainy, cold days-he stopped riding on day 3, and he is flying home today. As far as skill level, I am sort of in the middle of the pack, there are people who fly past us early in the day, and we don’t see them until the hotel. I have been taking my time, not riding all out, as I want to first of all finish the ride each day feeling good, and secondly, I want to enjoy the ride, and take LOTS OF PHOTOS. I will be taking it easy today, probably a short ride this afternoon, so that my legs don’t get the false impression that their work is over. Tomorrow we begin to climb into the Rockies, culminating in Jackson Wyoming in about 5 days, and then the following day crossing the Continental Divide, I have feeling a lot of photos await!


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