Day Off #2

So nice to have a day off, rest the mind and the body. Before I reflect back on this amazing week, just thought that I would once again speak of the good that our fund raising has done.  Th money we’ve raised for Citymeals-on-Wheels will provide over nutritious 750 meals for the home-bound elderly living in all 5 boroughs of New York City. Included in that are people without family who rely solely on Citymeals to provide sustenance and human contact. We’ve done good, thank you.

So I am over a third into my journey, having ridden about 1,350 miles and climbed just under 50,000 feet. I feel great, and my bike is doing great, only one flat so far, and that was yesterday. The route until now has been really interesting as the country has unfolded before us, revealing diversity in terrain, climate, vegetation, and people, truly an experience of learning and discovery. This past week we have climbed through Rockie Mountain Passes, had huge descents, seen incredible mountains, amazing waterfalls, 1,500 feet deep gorges, death defying bridges, and finished with almost 100 miles of nothing. As I have gotten to know the people I am riding with, I have come to realize that many of these people are, like me, having a once in a lifetime experience. But for many of us, this is their lifestyle, not always on a bicycle, but always off exploring something. I am always in awe of people who create their own path, and go down it.

Looking ahead we head into South Dakota on Sunday, visit Mount Rushmore, pass the half-way point, and end the week with Peg meeting me in Sioux Falls.

As we were setting up this web site, I decided to not allow comments, as I didn’t want the comments, then the comments about the comments to become overbearing. In hindsight however, I have not gotten much feedback or conversation with the people following me, which I would love. So if you are so inclined, my e-mail is, please feel free to communicate with me as I get my e-mails on a regular basis, looking forward to hearing from you.


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