And Now it is Time to Say Goodbye…

Time is funny. Seven weeks seemed liked an eternity. Sometimes during really tough days on the trip, or in the middle of the trip, when each day was like the day before it, the riders would all be saying “when is this going to be over?”. But now that it is, it seems like it went by in a flash. One minute we were in Oregon, full of energy and that  “we can do this” spirit, and the next we were splashing around in the Atlantic Ocean.

Some facts about the trip: Total Mileage: 3,734 miles; Hours Spent Riding (Including Stops): 302 hours; Total Vertical Feet: 127,000 Feet Climbed; Total Calories Used: 207,000 Calories; Pounds Lost: 3 Pounds-You can IMAGINE How MUCH I Ate; Personal Best Mileage for 1 Month: July-2,450 miles; Favorite Day of the Trip: The Teton Pass Day into Jackson, Wyoming; Toughest Day of the Trip: The ride from Casper to Lusk, Wyoming-106 miles and 100 degrees!; Tires Ruined on the Trip: 2; Flat Tires on the Trip: 5 ( plus some tubes ruined before I realized the tire had been destroyed); Amount of Bananas and Peanut Butter Eaten, and Gatorade Consumed: MORE THAN I COULD EVER KEEP TRACK OF. But, my Bike did great. I just came back from High Gear Cyclery and it took about 20 minutes to clean it, and that was it; NOTHING needed to be replaced, absolutely AMAZING.

So, in parting, I want to thank you all for sharing this experience with me. What started out as a way to raise funds, (which we did a LOT of) and then a way to send photos of where I was, became something that helped me remember each day in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise. The trip was everything that I could have hoped it would be – challenging, fun, a builder of new friendships, and rewarding beyond expression. I learned more about the U.S. in    52 days than I could have ever hoped for.

Things I will take away: After having  done this trip I have the sense that with enough training and planning, there is not much I can’t do if I want to. I have a better understanding of the people of the United States. I was staggered by the unbelievable Geographic diversity of America, Rain Forests of Oregon, High Desert; Plains; River Valleys, Rolling Hills, Waterfalls, Gorgeous Canyons. There were 2 women on the trip with cancer, and their grace and courage was an inspiration for me to overcome whatever aches  and pains I was experiencing and just do the ride. But mostly a sense of humility, for the chance to do the ride, for Peg who knew what this meant to me, and agreed to us being apart for 7 weeks. Mostly, how LUCKY I have been in my life.

So, again, thanks for all your caring, concern and attention.I hope You’ve enjoyed this as much as as I have, and….

See You On the Road


Almost home, crossing the GWB

Almost home, crossing the GWB

Map that was in the lobby every night showing our progress

Map that was in the lobby every night showing our progress-the dark line across the top of America

What a feeling!

What a feeling!


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