About the Bike

Contrary to Lance’s book title, this page IS About the Bike.

When my last bike started to show signs of wear, I decided I should get a bike that would at least last through 2 consecutive blocks of college years, as our oldest-David-was about to enter college, and our youngest, Emma, was about to enter High School. 9 full seasons later, both children out of college, and I am still riding what my bike shop friends jokingly call “a frame for life”

Before I talk about my Bike; I must do a shout-out to the guys who totally take care of my bike. Not being a believer in internet shopping, I have over the years developed a wonderful rapport with High Gear Cyclery (www.highgearcyclery.com) in Millburn NJ. Nick, the manager, always seems to know when I am there, and sees that I am well taken care of. Bogdan, who actually assembled my bike all those years ago, and Juan, my ace mechanic, have always kept me on the road, even when I show up without money and need serious help. They’re the best!

A bike can be broken into 2 categories; the frame, and the components.

My Frame:

Serotta was one of the premier bike frame makers in the world. In a good year Serotta would make in a FULL Year what Trek would make in a day. Located in Glen Falls NY, every frame was custom built to the person making the purchase. As a result my frame fits me PERFECTLY!

My Serotta Concours is a titanium frame; lighter than steel, but with a “steel-like” ride; and virtually indestructible. By the end of this season I will have passed 40,000 miles on the frame; and except for the paint job, it truly is as good as new; absolutely one of the best purchases I have EVER made!

My Components

I have always ridden with a Shimano set, currently Ultegra. In an era of “Triple Cranks” (Cranks are the front Chain Rings attached to the pedals) and “Compact Cranks”, I still ride a very traditional 53/39 Double Crank, and a road set 28/11 Cassette (the cluster of gears in the back wheel). I just upgraded my wheels, after damaging the rear wheel in a pot-hole last year, to Mavic Krysium SLS wheels, made of aluminum, I expect them to help me climb through the Rockies. My Saddle is a Selle Italia Flite Gel, probably my 8th or 9th, as I go through one every 2 years. Last, but not least, I ride on Continental Gatorskins, NOT the lightest tire available, but very good in the NO Flats areas, and they wear like steel!

The BIKE is ready!